Event Detection model

Event Detection

What does this model do? Classifies the topic of the news story or article provided in the target webpage into one or more of the following topics: Acquisitions Partnerships Personnel Change Investments (More can be added on request) Who should use this model? These event detection models can be used for media monitoring, sales or…

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News summarisation

News Summarisation

News Summarisation What does this model do? Performs extractive summarisation of the input text, i.e., it identifies the most important sentences from the source text, and generates a summary by sequentially concatenating them. Who should use this model? This model performs automatic summarisation of news articles, blogs or other types of written content, such as…

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smart insights for retail

A Consumer Insights Revolution: AI and Unstructured Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Consumer Insights is developing rapidly, however, there is still much more to discover. In fact, most businesses are still in the infancy of understanding and implementing Artificial Intelligence to understand their customers, competitors and their market.  AI has the capacity to revolutionize the way we gather product and consumer insights. It’s…

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2020 trends for insights and data analytics

The flourishing of Insights and Data Analytics in 2020

New year, new customers, new tools: here are the insights and data analytics trends that are a must to explore and adopt this year! Why? We’re witnessing a data bloat effect as an unforeseen consequence of abundance of data. Insights teams are struggling to reconcile so many signals coming from different business areas such as…

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Syllogistic Reasoning in Natural Language Inference

Bleeding Edge Series. Natural Language Inference: The case for Natural Logic

“All men are mortal, Socrates is a man, therefore Socrates is mortal”, this three-line Syllogism is an example of one of the most ancient forms of reasoning. This Syllogism uses deductive reasoning to form a conclusion from two propositions: “All men are mortal” and “Scrotates is a man”. The conclusion,  “Socrates is mortal” is new…

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Skim Technologies B2B AI technologies Global 2019 winner

Clutch Recognizes Deeper Insights™ (formerly Skim Technologies) as a Global Leader for Artificial Intelligence

“We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the leading B2B companies by Clutch Global 2019.” — Jack Hampson, CEO As artificial intelligence (AI) matures, more and more businesses are finding innovative use cases to streamline their operations. Common solutions range from automating repetitive tasks and easing customer relationship management to data analysis…

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top development agency

Deeper Insights™ (formerly Skim Technologies) names Top Development Agency

Deeper Insights™ believes that machines help make human lives easier and businesses better. Our team demystifies artificial intelligence, empowering our clients to use data more effectively to help find insights and drive business strategy. For Analysts, Researchers, or Insights teams, we walk our diverse clientele through every step of a project to ensure their artificial…

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Commonsense Reasoning

Commonsense Reasoning for Artificial Intelligence Agents

“Without this ability (commonsense reasoning) humans would not be able to survive in the modern world as they would do things which are prejudicial to their survival. Modern AI techniques lack commonsense. This gap is currently being addressed by researchers working in the field of Commonsense reasoning.“ Brett Drury – Senior Data Scientist @ Deeper…

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privacy and freedom of expression in AI

Privacy and freedom of expression in the age of AI

George Orwell in his novel 1984 described a surveillance society where citizens could not escape the all-seeing eye of big brother. Telescreens spied upon citizens whether at work or play. Citizens were tracked by the state, and disciplined if they did not act in a manner beholden to The Party. With the exception of the…

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AI driven competitive intelligence

AI-driven Competitive Intelligence

These days businesses have great visibility internally, into their sales, marketing, product metrics and strategies, but lack visibility externally. To outdo competition businesses should implement Competitive Intelligence services that convert data into intelligence that can provide a real-time view of your competitive landscape. We’ve found great value in machine algorithms that can help identify trends…

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Skim Engine Updates: Address Extraction

Skim Engine™ Updates: Address Extraction

Updates with our customers in mind The main advantage of our address model is its ability to accurately detect and extract addresses from any web page.With this new feature of the Skim Engine™ we are trying to provide solutions to the absence of address detection model in either open source or commercial form. Technical approach…

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Explainable AI

Bleeding Edge Series: Explainable AI is the key to Social Acceptance of AI

Why do we need Explainable AI? Systems that rely upon artificial intelligence to make decisions are often black boxes that produce values which are interpreted to signify a certain meaning. There is often no explanation of how the system arrived at these values. This lack of explanation may not be an issue for problems such…

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Deeper Insights BECCA app

Breast Cancer Now

From research to care, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now put people affected by breast cancer at its heart providing support for today and hope for the future. United, the charity has the ability to carry out even more world-class research, provide even more life-changing support and campaign even more effectively for better services…

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Skim Engine Updates: Address Extraction

Skim Engine™ Updates: Geo Tagging

Our Team have been working on new features for our Skim Engine™. The first of which was announced at the beginning of the week relating to Entity Extraction. For this feature our team focused on Geo Tagging. The Skim Engine™ will be able to extract any geographical locations – villages, countries, cities, oceans, rivers, etc.…

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Skim Engine Updates: Address Extraction

Skim Engine™ Updates: Entity Extraction

We’ve been working on upgrading and improving our Skim Engine, expanding its already existing capabilities for data extraction. Generally, the Skim Engine™ is able to transform unstructured data into structured and machine-readable data. The available data is used for standard processing that can be applied for retrieving information. For this particular feature of entity extraction,…

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