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Deeper Insights develops AI solutions to help protect endangered species in The Ocean Cleanup efforts

Deeper Insights collaborates with The Ocean Cleanup to employ AI solutions, enhancing marine life protection during ocean cleaning operations. Utilising AI-assisted computer vision and real-time computation, the initiative aims to minimise accidental entrapments of marine creatures. The partnership addresses the challenge of manual monitoring by developing an AI solution on the Floating Point™ platform to boost camera system effectiveness and reduce false positives. This collaboration not only amplifies the accuracy of animal detection but also sets the foundation for an automated surveillance system, marking a significant stride towards safeguarding endangered species amid efforts to cleanse the oceans of plastic waste.
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Improving 3d bone models for orthopaedic surgery using machine learning

Deeper Insights analysed bone segmentation for Meshworks, who builds orthopaedic implants and plans surgeries. The project aimed to create faster and more efficient 3D bone models using machine learning.
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Using AI for matching patents with technical standards across the mobile industry

Deeper Insights worked with a global organisation who represents leading mobile operator brands. The company wanted to find a better way to map and extract sections of a patent to relevant sections in a standard.
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Automating critical business processes to improve speed in customer lending

Using Deeper Insight's Data Science expertise we were able to provide Castle Trust a more accurate de-duplication of customer data, and a cleaner, more efficient data hub, reducing customer onboarding time and manual processing.
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Using AI to match unique skills with statement of works in order to select the best people for a job

Deeper Insights created a matching algorithm that matches contractors and freelancers to a statement of work via their skillset.
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Using AI to speed up navigation in robotic surgeries

Deeper Insights helped Smith & Nephew to utilise Artificial Intelligence in line with their advanced medical devices to guide robot decision making during an operation.
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Predicting the future of health

Deeper Insights helped Revival Health take wearable health data and use it to predict health outcomes from ECG, PPG, Blood Pressure, SPo2 and other biomedical sensor data using a range of AI solutions.
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Applying AI to unlock the value of data within the art industry

The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) wanted to automate the process of auction houses submitting sales data for the collection of royalties on behalf of artists. Deeper Insights developed a series of AI Models to accurately identify royalty qualifying features from the sales data and automated the billing process without human intervention.
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Deeper Insights AI technology boosts JLL sales performance and efficiency

Deeper Insights delivered a custom media monitoring platform that scanned 100,000's news sources on a daily basis to detect events and other relevant activity to support JLL sales teams when engaging with clients.
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Deeper Insights helps Deloitte close more deals and grow business

Deeper Insights developed for Deloitte an automated insights app that delivered actionable insights straight to sales teams phones so they could be more informed and have better conversations with customers.
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Deeper insights develops AI solution for personalized support through Becca app for breast cancer patients

Breast Cancer Now chose Deeper Insights to use AI to reduce time for content teams to search for and create Breast Cancer related content for their wellbeing app. Not only did it improve the user experience but also reduced Content team overhead by 75%.
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Deeper Insights and Microsoft collaborate to build media monitoring chatbot prototype in record time

Using Deeper Insights AI tools and Microsoft's products such as Cortana, Bing and Cognitive Service to build a prototype chatbot that served to demonstrate capabilities of media monitoring within a chat environment.
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Deeper Insights develops a chatbot for quant insight that brings the power of deep analysis to retail investors globally

Deeper Insights designed custom NLP models for Quant Insight that could translate financial data into natural Language which could be used by Financial Analysts and consumer clients.
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Deeper insights unleash AI's potential to optimize call centre performance

Deeper Insights developed an AI-powered solution for Interact to tackle call centre challenges in operations and customer service. By leveraging natural language processing and computer vision, the technology offers real-time feedback and post-call analysis.

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