Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence

Be a leader not a follower. Gain valuable insights on competitors, markets, products and stakeholders to stay one step ahead of the rest. Get automated and actionable business intelligence via smart dashboards filled with millions of live data insights from job ads, earnings reports, press releases, social media posts, data breaches and more.

Business Intelligence powered by Artificial Intelligence that's built for you.

Collect and analyse data from millions of unstructured data sources, that give you the answers you need to make bolder business decisions.

What makes Deeper Insights your perfect Business Intelligence technology partner?

  • Our Skim Engine™ can find and access data from any source; known or unknown, structured or unstructured, internal or external. 
  • We have a suite of pretrained Artificial Intelligence models that can be rapidly deployed to deliver automatic insights from the new data.
  • Our data experts understand your business requirements, and will build a dashboard that fits your exact needs
  • The data, models and dashboards are all unique to you, so you have the edge over your competitors.

We have the tools and experience in place to help build something for you without it taking forever or costing the earth.

Speak to one of our data experts today to understand how we can help.

Problems we've solved


Hiring Trends

Identify unusual patterns and spikes in job ad data by company, location and roles to identify new areas competitors are up skilling on or to find new competitors entering your market.


Predicting Failure

Monitor companies earnings reports, and use our Company Distress Prediction model to identify impending company failure, and use it to plot acquisitions, product launches or publicity.


Innovation Tracking

Monitor the news for announcements, scrape competitor product sites, or analyse patent filings to give a measure of innovation from your competitors in emerging technologies.

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