Consumer feedback model

Consumer Feedback

What does this model do?

This model uses review data, comments, blogs and forum data to extract the explanation for the sentiment expressed towards a given aspect of a service or product feature.

Combined with our Consumer Sentiment model, you can use this model to identify the reasons why a consumer has given such negative or positive feedback. Answering marketers, product owners and researchers hardest question - what do or don't my customers like?

Who should use this model?

Marketers: Discover how your brand is perceived in the market by the people using your products or services every day, your customers.

Products Managers: Analyse customer feedback to develop better products.

Product Owners: Find whitespace by analysing competitor customers feedback and see where gaps are in your category.

Business Analysts: Look at consumer sentiment trends over time to see how yours and other brands are perceived in the market.

Customer Support: Use this model to process internal support tickets and external social media posts to ensure you're on top of any customer complaints that risk brand reputation.

Best model pairing?

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