Starting your AI project begins with Data Preparedness

No business is the same and a lot of data collected by your organisation can be unique. So, each business question and business goal has different data requirements.

However, there are some steps that can bring you closer to making the most of your data:

  • Does your organisation have a data strategy?
  • Are you collecting the right data for your business needs?
  • Is your data clean and easily accessible?
  • Do you have enough data for building AI applications? Or drive insights from?
  • How easy can we collect more data if needed?
  • Do you have domain knowledge experts that can validate the relevancy and quality of your data?

The importance of Data Preparedness

The following video shows:

  • Data Preparedness - what happens if your data is poor
  • Model selection - speed and cost vs accuracy
  • Open Source vs Off-the-shelf

A resumé is used as an example in the video to highlight these points:

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