Data science consultants

Accelerating business growth is often met with huge data challenges.

More often than not, data within organisations is spread out in multiple silos of different systems, with different teams and priorities.

Why businesses need data science

Data is the key to growth in today's digital first economy. But processing and analysing masses of data and decades of unstructured datasets, finding patterns in data and extracting meaning that enables AI to get to work is very complex and time consuming.

At Deeper Insights, our Data Science Consultants become an extension of your team and will conduct advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning methodologies to solve your critical business data challenges.

We look deeper into your data and find insights, build accurate predictive models and capture patterns and anomalies in data using sophisticated AI tools that would normally take humans years to process.

How our data science teams work

Data processing, analysis and extraction

Our Data Science Consultants analyse mass datasets using statistical analysis and data visualisation techniques to assess the quality of the data, and to interpret and extract meaning out of data relevant to your business outcomes.

Machine learning model engineering and development

We leverage pre-trained Machine Learning models or create bespoke machine learning algorithms tailored to your problem. We focus on delivering high quality forecasting, predictions and automation and do it in an agile way so that you can see the project's progression at anytime.

Training models

We work with you to fine-tune the behaviour of trained models and help them stay on track and deliver the results you need. We can also give you insights on variations of data and why the behaviour of certain models changed.

Implement and apply AI

We help you prepare to implement AI and Machine Learning in your organisation from selecting scalable technology to building best practices. Once the models are deployed, we continue to track and monitor performance to ensure they bring value into the business.

Best practice data science tools

We use CRISP-DM and TDSP Data Science Methodologies for project management. These methods provide a systematic approach, built on the industry's best practices to structure and control data projects.

Data science insights on our blog

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One year of ChatGPT, its evolution, and business impact in 2023 have highlighted its technical advancements, open-source accessibility, and diverse industry applications, revolutionizing AI interaction in various sectors.
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Stable Diffusion marks a paradigm shift in generative AI, offering efficient, high-quality image synthesis. Its open-source nature democratises AI, fostering innovation across industries while balancing ethical AI practices.
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Explore strategies for balancing privacy with AI and LLMs like ChatGPT. Learn about enterprise solutions, HIPAA compliance, Zero Data Retention, and the advantages of custom, locally-hosted AI models for optimal data security.

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