Deeper Insights Helps Deloitte Close More Deals and Grow Business.

Project overview

Deloitte sought to improve its sales team's ability to have informed conversations with clients and close more business. To achieve this, Deeper Insights developed an automated insights app that delivered relevant, actionable insights straight to the sales team.

The challenge

Deloitte provided professional services to clients globally and wanted to enhance the effectiveness of its sales team in engaging with clients and closing more deals. To achieve this goal, Deloitte partnered with Deeper Insights to develop an AI-automated insights app.

The solution

The app used AI algorithms to analyse data from various sources, such as news articles, social media posts, and market reports, to identify relevant insights that could help Deloitte's sales team's conversations with clients. This data was then delivered straight to the sales team's phones, allowing them to stay informed and tailor their sales pitch to their clients' needs.

The end result

As a result of using the automated insights app, Deloitte's account managers were able to have more informed and targeted conversations with their clients, which in turn helped them close more business. The app's AI algorithms were able to process and analyse large amounts of data quickly and accurately, enabling the sales team to stay up-to-date with market developments and tailor their sales approach accordingly. Overall, the automated insights app provided Deloitte's sales team with a valuable tool to improve their performance and drive business growth.

"There are a number of gems we've found that are far better than the standard services we use."

Dimitar Milanov, Partner, Deloitte

Next steps

A variety of technologies and techniques were utilised in the development of this application. To gain a further understanding of the technology and services offered by Deeper Insights, please inquire for more information or visit our services page.

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