Embracing the AI Revolution: A Personal Journey Towards Efficiency and Productivity

Rafael Herrera, Marketing Manager, Deeper Insights

Embracing the AI Revolution: A Personal Journey Towards Efficiency and Productivity

Welcome to the future of work, where artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a distant concept but an integral part of our daily tasks. As an AI enthusiast and a professional at Deeper Insights, I've experienced firsthand how AI has reshaped my work, enhancing my efficiency and productivity in ways I could only dream of a few years ago. What surprised me is that this personal journey mirrors the findings of a recent McKinsey Global Survey, highlighting the explosive growth and widespread use of generative AI (GenAI) tools in various industries.

As the saying goes, "AI won't replace people, it will empower those who embrace it to outpace those who do not.” This sentiment is echoed in the McKinsey report, which found that 79% of respondents reported at least some exposure to GenAI, either for work or outside of work, and 22% said they were using it regularly for their work.

The Impact of AI: Quality, Speed, and More

The true power of AI lies in its ability to provide shortcuts that enhance quality and speed. It's not about replacing human jobs; it's about augmenting human capabilities. One of my responsibilities at Deeper Insights is producing The Paper Club Podcast. The process, which used to be time-consuming and technically demanding, has been significantly streamlined with the help of AI.

I record using long-distance meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams, and then use Adobe's Podcast app to clean up the audio. The result? Studio-quality sound without the need for extensive technical knowledge or manual editing. This AI-driven process has not only saved me hours of work but also enhanced the quality of our podcast, making it more appealing to our audience.

The AI Editor: Streamlining the Writing Process

Once again, my work in copywriting mirrors the insights presented in the report. The report highlights that GenAI often assists in the development of initial drafts of text and documents. This is how I use it in my own work and it has become an invaluable tool.

GenAI is like having a high-priced editor at your disposal, ready to structure your speed-written first drafts into coherent, polished pieces. This is the reality with these tools. The process is simple: spill your thoughts onto a digital page, then let AI structure the mess. Once the AI has done its magic, all you need to do is review, confirm it is in your voice, and add any human finishing touches. Then, check for grammar and spelling in ChatGPT, and voila! Your copy is ready to go.

GenAI: The Secret Weapon for Businesses

Consider an organization with a marketing team of five people. With the appropriate AI tools and workflows, this marketing department can now operate with the efficiency of a significantly larger team. I am part of such a team, and the experience has been fantastic. Today, AI-enabled organisations can cater to and engage a much larger customer base without the need to expand their workforce, even beyond the marketing department.

We are only witnessing the first wave of what GenAI can do. The power of these emerging technologies is significant and promises to become essential in the very near future. Take a moment to consider this: ChatGPT has yet to mark its first anniversary. This is the least advanced this technology will ever be.

We stand at a pivotal juncture in history, a critical moment where businesses have the profound opportunity to expedite their expansion and make substantial strides forward. The question is, why wouldn't you seize this opportunity?

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