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Financial services are being disrupted by AI. We can help you find a competitive edge in your data.

We work with finance companies to unleash AI and ML on your data, enriching it with external real world data and building you AI tools that help you succeed.

We Use our Artificial Intelligence tools and your Finance Data to your advantage

Whether you're looking to create new data or analyse existing data, we're here to help. Our expertise across data extraction, AI model development, and analytics can be used to support your teams and your business to uncover a world of opportunities. You only need an idea, and we'll do the rest. Here's some ideas to get you started:


Alt Data Set Creation:

Using both surface and dark web data sources we provide the signals that add alpha.
Using Machine Learning we accurately extract this data from a breadth of sources in many different unstructured formats. No matter whether from embedded social media, video, scanned image files or PDF's. We build the pipelines to continuously search and extract this data so your trading algorithms remain current with live data.


Financial News Monitoring

We take your paid news subscriptions, public news sources and social media and filter it for events so specific to your market that you'll never miss an opportunity again.
Don't suffer the limitations of standard keyword filters, use the latest in Machine Learning to supercharge your business with rich insights.



Make predicting the future easy, by using big data and AI to identify patterns and forecast future trends or events.
Our ability to create large datasets from anywhere using our Skim Engine is the first part of the prediction puzzle solved. Combine that with our PhD's with decades of experience in academia predicting things such as sugar cane crop futures, or company distress signals, and you've got a winning solution.


View one of our AI models in action

The Company Distress Prediction model takes annual reports and other public company information and predicts, with over 85% accuracy, the future distress of a company.

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