Using AI to match unique skills with statement of works in order to select the best people for a job.

Project overview

Deeper Insights created a matching algorithm that matches contractors and freelancers to a statement of work via their skillset.

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The challenge

Gigged.AI uses innovative artificial intelligence to bring freelance talent and forward-thinking clients together. They wanted a simple solution that enabled freelancers to be matched to incoming work requests.

The solution

Deeper Insights built an AI-driven matching algorithm and a front-end chatbot that helps users create a statement of work. This is then posted on the website, and the user can engage with contractors that are the best fit for the job. The platform has a hiring feature as well, allowing users to start working with their chosen contractor or freelancer quickly.

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The end result

Gigged AI clients can save time sourcing a project team as well as finding freelancers that more accurately match their requirements. In addition Freelancers are able to find work quickly and easily.

"On the personal side, I loved their team. They were on time or ahead of time. I can't fault them for anything."

Craig Short, CTO, Gigged AI

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