Healthcare data analytics for medical professionals

The majority of healthcare data is unstructured, but contains huge amounts of valuable data that could lead to insights. Whether mining for new drug discoveries, or looking for treatment best practices, we’re here to help make healthcare professionals lives that little bit easier.

Healthcare data analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence and built for you.

Deeper Insights design and build custom healthcare solutions for clients looking for more than a one size fits all solution.


What makes Deeper Insights your perfect healthcare technology partner?

  • We are specialists in processing big data for healthcare, whether unstructured or not.

  • Our expertise cover deep learning-powered computer vision and natural language processing which means we can work with any dataset.

  • The Skim Engine can convert text or images into actionable data that lead to immediate insights or predictions.

  • Our models rely on transfer learning to obtain high accuracy even when training on small medical datasets

With our set of pre-trained AI models plus our powerful data processing Skim Engine™ we can build something for you without it taking forever or costing the earth.

Speak to one of our data experts today to understand how we can help.

Problems we've solved


Clinical Trial Data Analytics:

Use machine learning to find patterns in patient data that could prove the success of your drug trials.


Drug Discovery:

Process large amounts of unstructured data to link drugs and symptoms across these diverse data sets and discover new applications for existing drugs. 


Knowledge Hub:

Machine read a vast array of research or clinical trials data related to a specialism and gain a deeper understanding on any topic.

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