How to prepare for your first AI discovery meeting

At Deeper Insights we solve our customers' impossible problems using the transformative power of AI.

In recent years AI has grown to a new level of maturity, one which enables more accessibility and capability than ever before.

However, AI is a data hungry technology, so when you embark on a discovery meeting with us, we'll ask a lot about your data. Do you have any? How much of it do you have (gigabytes or megabytes), you can also tell us about data volume, like the number of documents, pages, images and so on.

We also want to know where it's stored and how we'd access it. Is it in the cloud or on a local computer? Can you easily get samples of it, we'll most likely want to see those, (we'll prepare an NDA after our call so you're comfortable sharing it). Is there anything else we need to know about the data, for example it may have been created by a domain expert who needs to tell us about it (like medical imagery or legal contracts), again we'd like to know how accessible those domain experts are as we may have questions for them.

We'd also be interested to know how or what you've used to do a similar job before or if this is new to you. You may already have a manual process for example copy and paste from a set of documents to an excel sheet. Or you may have tried some off-the-shelf tools like a recommendation engine from Azure or an NLP toolkit like AWS Comprehend. In any case we want to know what you've tried, what worked, what didn't work and why not. If there is a human process, mapping that out for us to see would be really helpful.

Any other considerations we need to think about for your problem and business? Some areas could be the cost to run the service or speed at which it operates - think real time results vs once a month, each decision has an impact on the design of the solution.

We'd also love to know about your timelines, so if you can share anything about that it will help us to evaluate the type of solution we recommend.

Finally, ask us lots of questions so you know more about us and the team, how we work and the potential options to solving your impossible problem with AI.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your ideas or where you've got to in your AI project that we can help move the needle in completion.

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