Market Research

Augmented analytics for market researchers

Go beyond social listening with augmented analytics that brings you closer to your customers than ever before. Taking unbias, real-world, passive data from any unstructured, unknown, and external data source.

Market Research powered by Artificial Intelligence that's built for you.

We collect and analyse data from millions of unstructured data sources, that give you the answers you need to make bolder market decisions.

What makes Deeper Insights your perfect Market Research technology partner?

  • Our Skim Engine™ can find and access data from any source; known or unknown, structured or unstructured, internal or external.
  • We have a suite of pretrained Artificial Intelligence models that can be rapidly deployed to deliver automatic insights from the new data.
  • We automatically detect consumer sentiment towards brands or products, without the need for expensive surveys or panels.
  • Our data feeds are always on, and up to date recording changes in consumer trends as they happen, not stuck in a quarterly report.
  • Our data experts understand your business requirements and will build a dashboard that fits your exact needs

We have the tools and experience in place to help build something for you without it taking forever or costing the earth.

Speak to one of our data experts today to understand how we can help.

Problems we've solved


Brand Tracking:

Whether it's your own brand or a competitors, you can get a wider view into likes and dislikes across a brand, a product range or the entire company. Start to connect the dots between announcements and opinions and inform a better strategy.


Product Development:

Track sentiment before or after a product launch, or link common features across competitor products. All useful insights to help with a smarter product roadmap.


Consumer Behaviour:

Identify brand and product sentiment linked to product features for entire product or service categories in any market and in any language globally. 


Complaint Tracking:

Do you know exactly what your customers say about you, good or bad, across the entire web? Use Deeper Insights to get a fuller picture and ensure customer success

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