media monitoring

Media Monitoring within unstructured data

Move beyond the standard social media listening and media monitoring tools of today, to identify every mention of your brand and products within hard to reach sources of unstructured data such as; blogs, forums or review sites.

Carefully monitor every part of the web.

News, Web and Social Media monitoring tools powered by Aritificial Intelligence and built for you.

Deeper Insights design and build custom media monitoring solutions for clients looking for more than an out of the box, one size fits all solution.

Why media monitoring should be built for you?

  • Identify all mentions of your brand, products or personnel in media with higher accuracy.
  • Include more sources than the standard news and social media feeds, such as review sites, or personal blogs.
  • Use additional insights models to include sentiment analysis or classification of text for events, threats or opportunities.
  • Receive these custom media monitoring feeds integrated into a CRM, CMS or database for use in other areas of the business.

Because we already have a set of pre-trained models plus our powerful Skim Engine, it means we can build something for you without it taking forever or costing the earth. Speak to one of our data experts today to see a demo and get a quote.

Problems we've solved

1. Brand Reputation Management
Track your brand across the web to ensure brand safety.
Identify potentially harmful references to your products, bad reviews from critics or general consumers, and get on top of the situation immediately.

2. Sales Optimization
Improve sales performance through client and prospect tracking. Know when your client or a prospect is mentioned in the news to be the first to respond to their needs.

3. Content Curation
Find new content that's trending on a given topic, to help populate your own content feeds, or inspire for new content ideas.

Case Studies

Quant Insight

Developing a Fintech Chatbot In fintech, there are often billions of data points, enclosed in systems that can only be accessed by the few. We helped Quant Insight to take those data points and use them to power a chatbot that made the information available to many. The challenge Quant Insight produce macro economic views…

Case Studies


Turning news into sales opportunities Account managers at Deloitte close more business thanks to actionable insights delivered straight to their phones.  Keeping them current with customers and ahead of the competition. The challenge Deloitte’s partners and account managers found they were drowning in news from sales support teams, and unable to react quickly to market…

Case Studies


Deeper Insights provided automated tracking and forecasting for a large number of transactions in a machine learning solution. The data helped to sourced potential leads in order to increase revenue growth.

Case Studies

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Saving researchers valuable time Auto-tagging and classifying research papers and articles that lets patients, researchers and staff quickly find relevant information. The challenge Suzannah, Head of Digital at Muscular Dystrophy UK, and her team needed help with the organisation of their website content in preparation for a makeover. The project included 7,961 pages from their…

Case Studies

Breast Cancer Now

From research to care, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now put people affected by breast cancer at its heart providing support for today and hope for the future. United, the charity has the ability to carry out even more world-class research, provide even more life-changing support and campaign even more effectively for better services…

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