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In our latest video, Syd Virdi of NVIDIA and Jack Hampson of Deeper Insights discuss their strategic partnership. NVIDIA, a powerhouse in AI, provides the hardware and software stack for complex AI workloads. Deeper Insights, with its extensive AI expertise, helps businesses implement these solutions effectively. The partnership leverages NVIDIA's customizable large language models, NEMO and BioNEMO, and their comprehensive DGX Cloud infrastructure, enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge through AI technology.

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Join Rafael Herrera and Lead Data Scientist Marcia Oliveira as they welcome an impressive roster of distinguished guests, each an esteemed expert in the realms of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The Paper Club podcast is the perfect monthly resource for anyone interested in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. With guests hand-picked from Deeper Insights, each episode dives into the latest academic papers, research, and theories in the field. From developing machine learning models to mastering unstructured data management and computer vision, The Paper Club offers in-depth insights and knowledge to help listeners expand their understanding of AI.

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