Unstructured Document Intelligence Platform

We are building the next generation Unstructured Document Intelligence Platform that solves the problem of digitalising complex unstructured data with minimal manual effort.

A Data Driven World

Digital transformation has changed the way in which we live, how we buy and consume products and services and go about our daily lives. And that generates a lot of data. Data that can be really useful to organisations in making more informed decisions, understanding future predictions, more accurate calculation of risks, matching products to people and so on.

But currently around 10-20% of data produced is useful to organisations. Imagine if that could be 80-90%?

The problem with Unstructured Data

Globally, organisations are still struggling with Data Digitalisation - transforming data into useful insights that can be embedded back into the business to deliver value.

The problem is that there are enormous amounts of unstructured data being generated daily that, until recently, has not been machine readable. Unstructured data includes websites, PDF's, letters, images, contracts, forms, audio files, lease agreements, scans and x-rays, lab data etc. Not only this, but it is reliant on manual data processing by humans which is a heavy cost burden and highly inefficient.

Accelerating Unstructured Data Onboarding with AI

Processing the mountain of unstructured data in organisations today, making it machine readable, finding the usefulness in that data, extracting the value from it and then integrating it into the business is complex and time consuming.

Loading unstructured data into a business has traditionally been a heavily manual, labour intensive operation requiring humans to label and structurize data to make it usable in order for AI to do its work.

Our Data Intelligence Platform

Deeper Insights, through its cloud-native Data Intelligence Platform, removes the manual data processing work from the human to reduce time to insights, optimise efficiency and performance of onboarding data.

Through our advanced API based platform technologies digitising data can be done in near real-time so companies can start extracting value from that data and deliver insights directly into the business quickly.

Reduce time to insights

Quickly get the data insights you need by automating the onboarding and digitising of unstructured data for AI applications to read without the time consuming, human effort.

Optimise operational efficiency

Clearly see performance of human and machine and optimise machine where appropriate to improve efficiency further, and enabling more human resource capacity for other tasks.

Drive new innovation

Utilise new found data insights to inform business decisions that can help you improve and grow.

The platform advantage


Infinitely scale the automatic processing of unstructured datasets from a few thousand to several million in a fraction of the time it takes to manually process.

Run cost

Our Cloud-native platform delivers a cost effective way of automating data, vastly reducing the human resource and associated costs needed to perform the same tasks.

Change Cost

Using Cloud-based architecture to automate data onboarding enables new features to be added quickly or changes to occur without disruption or downtime.


Need to add more datasets? No problem. Need to start a new AI project? No problem.

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Automated data onboarding use cases


Healthcare clients use our Unstructured Data Intelligence platform to process their range of complex and unstructured medical documents such as biomedical data, health records, lab reports and prescriptions, that reduce time through clinical trials and save money in management of healthcare facilities.

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Real Estate

Real-Estate clients use our Unstructured Data Intelligence platform to rapidly process large volumes of documents produced through the development, leasing, management and sale of properties across the globe.

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Financial Services

Financial Services clients use our Unstructured Data Intelligence platform to scale operations that need to load, match and analyse complicated financial data.

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