Quant Insight

Deeper Insights develops a chatbot for Quant Insight that brings the power of deep analysis to retail investors globally.

Project overview

Deeper Insights created a chatbot for retail investors to query Quant Insight data using NLP and machine learning, available on Slack, Skype, and Messenger.

The challenge

Quant Insight processes billions of data points each day for use in macroeconomic forecasting tools, which are commonly used by quant analysts. However, the company wanted to make this valuable information more accessible to retail investors, who may not have the technical expertise to effectively query the data in its current form.

The solution

To address this challenge, Deeper Insights developed a chatbot solution that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to allow retail investors to easily query the data using simple English language inputs. This chatbot was made available on a variety of messaging platforms, including Slack, Skype, and Messenger, to ensure that it could be accessed by a global audience of retail investors.

The end result

The implementation of this chatbot has allowed Quant Insight to expand the reach of its macroeconomic forecasting tools and make its data more accessible to a wider audience. This has the potential to greatly benefit retail investors who are looking for reliable and accurate information to inform their investment decisions.

"Deeper Insights were incredible to work with. Their ability with NLP and Machine Learning went far beyond our expectations. Would highly recommend."

Mahmood Noorani, CEO

Next steps

A variety of technologies and techniques were utilised in the development of this application. To gain a further understanding of the technology and services offered by Deeper Insights, please inquire for more information or visit our services page.

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