Skim Engine™ Updates: Geo Tagging

Our Team have been working on new features for our Skim Engine™. The first of which was announced at the beginning of the week relating to Entity Extraction. For this feature our team focused on Geo Tagging.

The Skim Engine™ will be able to extract any geographical locations – villages, countries, cities, oceans, rivers, etc. – found in the text. The entities are normalised to Latitude, Longitude and Elevation – and include their Geonames Database location ID, population estimates etc.

Updates with our customers in mind

The Geo Location Extraction feature lets our clients extract and normalise locations in-text to a latitude and longitude. This is an essential feature for many sectors. We originally developed it for monitoring news feeds for monitoring the news for disruptions (natural disasters, for instance) to supply chains. In this context, it is essential to understand the stories in a geographical way – the locations where the events were happening, how close they were to other events, their distance to or presence in a specific area of interest, etc. The results can then be visualised and their locations and their frequencies on maps and so on.

What else can be done?

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