Skim Engine: Our Powerful Web Scraping Engine

It's so powerful you can gather intelligent data about your customers, monitor markets or spy on competitors without lifting a finger

Are you tired of your data extraction systems breaking and then hiring expensive maintenance engineers to fix them?

We built the Skim Engine to replace the cost of software engineers working for weeks to scrape data from a source that may then break or change


Data scraping systems are complex

Each section of a page to scrape requires a new line of code, which becomes unmanageable and costly


Data extraction rules are limiting

Relying on rules and lines of code to scrape per source, means you can’t extract data from a breadth of sources.


Data extraction systems break and leave you vulnerable

An AI system that requires data extraction as an input suffers major vulnerabilities by design since the whole system fails if one document or website changes its structure and you have to fix it.

We built a set of ML models to identify blocks on a page and extract specific features using NLP

The Skim Engine works by searching for pages across the web, identifying relevant code blocks on a page and then extracting the specific features we want to analyse

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Now we can automatically and quickly do the heavy lifting of traditional web scraping

The Skim Engine uses machine learning and natural language processing to instantly search, extract and identify key information from unstructured web pages.


Find the right content with focused crawlers

Don't waste resource, time or money on crawling millions of useless webpages. Instead deploy focused crawlers trained to find the needle in the haystack.

  • Trained to identify unique web content for high accuracy
  • Smart proxying and IP rotation means you're never blocked
  • Reduce time wasted crawling irrelevant pages and save money


Filter just the right content from vast data feeds

Take live news feeds, RSS, social media or anything else for that matter, and filter out the noise to show only the most relevant articles, posts or documents.

  • Find precise content immediately
  • Filter out the noise and see only whats relevant
  • Make large data feeds manageable


Get accurate data without writing rules

Automatically extract more than forty different features from a page including; Brand, Company, Person, Author, Date, Price, Image, Video and much more.

  • No need for web scraping rules
  • Automatically identify features on a page
  • Remove boiler plate and noise
  • Extract data from a breadth of domains

We help companies like yours win with AI

From finance to healthcare, from market research to media monitoring, we can help your people make better decisions. We work alongside companies like yours to help deliver successful AI and ML projects - to make a real business value impact


The challenge: Deloitte’s partners and account managers found they were drowning in news from sales support teams, and unable to react quickly to market changes

The solution: Deeper Insights built a prototype Automated Insights app allowing them to have better conversations with clients and close more business

The outcome: Account managers at Deloitte close more business thanks to actionable insights delivered straight to their phones

Client said: "There are a number of gems we’ve found that are far better than the standard services we use" - Dimitar Milanov, Partner, Deloitte


The challenge: Help the sales and marketing teams know more about their customers to enable them to drive deeper customer engagement in sales meetings

The solution: Deeper Insights developed a CMS that scraped the web and automatically identified and summarised customer events relating to key accounts at JLL

The outcome: The automation of the whole previous manual process, and being able to identify 60% more news stories than the manual process, enabling JLL have better and more informed conversations with their clients

Client said: "We have lots of researchers and people who generate insights for our clients, Deeper Insights™ (formerly Skim Technologies) helped us improve the speed at which we get insights and have better conversations with our clients." - Chris Zissis, CIO, Jones Lang LaSalle


The challenge: In the UK, the total number of Total Knee Replacements(TKA's) per year has increased from 13,546 in 2003 to 98,147 in 2019 costing the NHS an estimated £585m per year. The average cost of a TKA in the UK is £12,000, however, post-surgical complications, e.g surgical site infection, increases this cost by between £1618 and £2398 per patient.

The solution: Our consortium, which is comprised of Smith&Nephew Ltd, Deeper Insights and Imperial College London, won Innovate-UK funding to carry out an ambitious and innovative project that is focussed on developing markerless and automated registration and tracking of the patient's limbs tailored for robotic-assisted orthopedic procedures using structured light technology assisted by deep learning to continuously capture the patient's anatomy during surgery.

This new platform will be integrated within S&N's commercially available robotic platform "NAVIO," which was previously supported by I-UK funding, and will obviate the need for percutaneous markers reducing set-up time, cost and complexity during surgery.

Talk to us to see if we can help you

Discuss your AI project with us and lets see if we can help. We can dive into the data you have, the data we can gather from the web and other data sources, how we can manipulate that data for you and how we can output it in a dashboard that your business can actually use.

Our Data Scientists will help you deliver your AI project

Our Data Science experts are recognised globally with over 500+ citations and patents

We have a combined experience of over 40 years in developing cutting edge, and innovative Artificial Intelligence from both academia and industry. We are specialists in Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics


Dr Márcia Oliveira,

PhD Network Science


Dr Claudio Sa,

PhD Deep Learning


Dr Catarina Carvalho,

PhD Image Processing