Deeper Insights lead to bolder decisions
Automatic discovery through applied data science using more of your data

Turn unstructured data into insights. Turn insights into action.

Deeper Insights use a world of data from webpages to internal documents, together with applied data science and custom dashboards that empower you to make bolder business decisions.


Gather Unstructured Data From Anywhere

Use the Skim Engine™ to connect millions of different data sets and process insights from reviews, chat rooms, documents, support tickets, and anywhere else you want us to find it.

Unearth insights from more sources than before

Use the Skim Engine to join the dots across multiple different data

On demand and live data gives immediate results


Automatically Discover Opportunities

Select pre-trained AI models that help you find the needle in the haystack. Discovering connections between data you didn’t even know existed. Choose from a selection of Intel Models, or hire us to build you something unique.

Find more insights than through traditional methods

Unbiased and passive analysis gives true insights

Flexible AI models to cater to any need


See your insights come to life

View a personalised dashboard of beautiful data visualisations that bring your new insights to life. View in the cloud at any time. Change from once a quarter analytics to on demand, to keep pace with a rapidly shifting market.

Turn insights into easy to read dashboards

Make insights shareable across the business

On demand means insights when you need them

Case Studies


Turning news into sales opportunities Account managers at Deloitte close more business thanks to actionable insights delivered straight to their phones.  Keeping them current with customers and ahead of the competition. The challenge Deloitte’s partners and account managers found they were drowning in news from sales support teams, and unable to react quickly to market…

Case Studies


Deeper Insights provided automated tracking and forecasting for a large number of transactions in a machine learning solution. The data helped to sourced potential leads in order to increase revenue growth.

Use Cases

Whitespace discovery for consumer goods Market Research: Whitespace Discovery We take a look at how product managers for the niche Robo Lawn Mower category, can analyse consumer feedback to discover whitespace in an emerging product category. With a rapidly evolving category with new entrants and evolving consumer requirements, it's hard to know what insights to look for and where…

Case Studies

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Saving researchers valuable time Auto-tagging and classifying research papers and articles that lets patients, researchers and staff quickly find relevant information. The challenge Suzannah, Head of Digital at Muscular Dystrophy UK, and her team needed help with the organisation of their website content in preparation for a makeover. The project included 7,961 pages from their…

Use Cases

Use Case: Customer Service Sentiment Analysis

Using review data and feedback from consumers online, we analyse over 32,000 reviews towards the top 5 internet service providers (ISP) within the UK market.

This analysis is carried out following our three-step augmented analytics approach: Gather, Process and Visualise.

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Innovating in a crisis: Our COVID Insights Story
Innovating in a crisis: Our COVID Insights Story
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Use Case: Customer Service Sentiment Analysis
Consumer behaviour for online shoppers
Understanding Consumer Behaviour: Causal Inference and Sentiment Analysis
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Muscular Dystrophy UK
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Whitespace discovery for consumer goods
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Company Distress Prediction
Semantic Role Labelling
Topic discovery machine learning model
Topic Discovery
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Consumer feedback model
Consumer Feedback

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