Create deeper insights using internet data and AI.

Use the Data Science and AI consultancy with deep learning tools and services

How is your business creating an advantage with AI?

As a business you have a ton of great data but do you struggle to put it to work for you?

Would you love to combine your data with other data sources (like the internet) but find it difficult to work with or unreliable? And do you want all the clever working out to be put into a structured format that your staff can actually use?

Your world is rich with data that isn't put to use

Do you want to deep dive into your own company data and connect it to 1000s of external, real-world data sets?

Turn your data into insights and actions

Our AI tech stack, backed by our SKIM Engine goes far beyond the tools, data and machine learning models that most businesses can bring to bear

Tools and ideas don't = action

Having data is one thing, but using AI to help you find insights and then presenting it in a way that your staff can take action, can be challenging

Deeper Insights accelerates AI in your business

Do you want to see into the minds of your customers, competitors and market?

To do that you need to go beyond the data you hold and beyond the human assessments you do. Deeper Insights allows you to see the context your business operates in and what matters to your customers, competitors and staff


We make the web machine readable

Use the Skim Engine™ to connect millions of different data sets and process insights from reviews, chat rooms, documents, support tickets, and anywhere else you want us to find it.


Aggregate data from 1000s of sources

Select pre-trained AI models that help you find the needle in the haystack. Discovering connections between data you didn’t even know existed. Choose from a selection of Intel Models, or hire us to build you something unique.


Get effortless, deep insights

View a personalised dashboard of beautiful data visualisations that bring your new insights to life. View in the cloud at any time. Change from once a quarter analytics to on demand, to keep pace with a rapidly shifting market.

We reach internet and business data that others can't

Gain deep access to 1000s of data sources connected and classified in advanced AI platform and then run bespoke ML models on them

Our in-depth process stretches across the whole range of project delivery, from search, extraction, structure and bespoke ML data models


Search the entire deep web

Unearth insights from more sources than before

Use the Skim Engine to join the dots across multiple different data

On demand and live data gives immediate results


Extract and structure the data

Find more insights than through traditional methods

Unbiased and passive analysis gives true insights

Flexible AI models to cater to any need


Run bespoke ML models

Turn insights into easy to read dashboards

Make insights shareable across the business

On demand means insights when you need them

Harness the power of our AI tools and services

We grapple with the intricacies of data, data structures and models day in and day out. We are experts not only in AI, but in helping companies succeed with AI.


We help companies like yours win with AI

From finance to healthcare, from market research to media monitoring, we can help your people make better decisions. We work alongside companies like yours to help deliver successful AI and ML projects - to make a real business value impact.


The challenge: Deloitte’s partners and account managers found they were drowning in news from sales support teams, and unable to react quickly to market changes

The solution: Deeper Insights built a prototype Automated Insights app allowing them to have better conversations with clients and close more business

The outcome: Account managers at Deloitte close more business thanks to actionable insights delivered straight to their phones

Client said: "There are a number of gems we’ve found that are far better than the standard services we use" - Dimitar Milanov, Partner, Deloitte


The challenge: Help the sales and marketing teams know more about their customers to enable them to drive deeper customer engagement in sales meetings

The solution: Deeper Insights developed a CMS that scraped the web and automatically identified and summarised customer events relating to key accounts at JLL

The outcome: The automation of the whole previous manual process, and being able to identify 60% more news stories than the manual process, enabling JLL have better and more informed conversations with their clients

Client said: "We have lots of researchers and people who generate insights for our clients, Deeper Insights™ (formerly Skim Technologies) helped us improve the speed at which we get insights and have better conversations with our clients." - Chris Zissis, CIO, Jones Lang LaSalle


The challenge: How to turn billions of valuable data into actionable insights that a human can read and understand? Quant Insight had developed a complex algorithm used by financial analysts, but now wanted to reach a consumer client.

The solution: Using Microsoft’s LUIS intent engine and some custom NLP models Deeper Insights developed a chatbot that could query the QI API and translate the financial data into natural language.

The outcome: QI’s retail investors were able to easily access stock information via a friendly chatbot. The chatbot was able to achieve over 94% accuracy for selecting the correct stock and factors related to a question. An impressive outcome.

Client said: "Deeper Insights™ were a pleasure to work with, and extremely knowledgeable in the field of NLP. Their ability to take our idea and turn it into a working product made them the perfect partner for our fast-growing business."

Talk to us to see if we can help you

Discuss your AI project with us and lets see if we can help. We can dive into the data you have, the data we can gather from the web and other data sources, how we can manipulate that data for you and how we can output it in a dashboard that your business can actually use.

Our Data Scientists will help you deliver your AI project

Our Data Science experts are recognised globally with over 500+ citations and patents

We have a combined experience of over 40 years in developing cutting edge, and innovative Artificial Intelligence from both academia and industry. We are specialists in Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics


"I leverage my business, scientific and technical backgrounds to design and build high-impact AI solutions that turn data into something useful for our clients. My expertise lies in the fields of Network Science, NLP, Computer Vision, Imbalanced Learning and Unsupervised Learning."

Dr Márcia Oliveira, Lead Data Scientist


"I use Design Thinking as my approach to deliver invaluable technology."

Ygor Durães, Full Stack Engineer


"The development pipeline is my favorite technical and cultural tool. My mission is to help to achieve the balance between business and business materialization."

Eduardo Piairo, Operations Manager


"Clients approach us with problems unique to their industry. I draw from Computational Linguistics, NLP and AI to design bespoke solutions to those problems."

Edward Brown, Head of AI Projects