Digital transformation 2.0 means AI capability is now 'centre stage' as companies look for new ways to work smarter, operate more efficiently and scale without associated costs.

AI for a smarter business

Modern AI technology is bringing new data insights to the surface, enabling customers to better understand content and conversations, make data driven predictions and decisions, take optimal actions, and automate repetitive tasks.

Data Intelligence is the answer to many market, competitor and operational challenges within your organisation. Deeper Insights can help you get your data into good shape and then start using AI to inform your decision making.

AI for scaling your business

Deeper Insights uses AI, ML, NLP and associated technologies to unlock the value of both structured and unstructured data to bring about transformational change for your business.

We understand that your data challenges are often centred around cost, time, accuracy or throughput. We've helped organisations from a wide range of industries rethink how they work, operate, innovate and scale through the power of AI.

Our services

Accelerated AI 4-week program

Our 4-week fast-track framework to turn your AI concept into reality. We will work with you to deep dive into your data challenges and desired business outcomes and deliver a prototype and roadmap of recommendations within 4 weeks.

AI and data science consulting

We use bespoke AI and machine learning models to develop unique solutions to critical business challenges; leading to previously unimaginable improvements to products and services, and original propositions and strategies.

Document intelligence platform

Our Unstructured Data Intelligence platform (UDI) enables our clients to use data search, extraction, structuring and visualisation to radically improve efficiency and enhance decision-making; making data easy to reach and easy to use, and making operations more affordable, scalable and productive.

Web scraping and data scraping services

Once the data is collected, structured and organised, our AI tools can automatically categorise and prioritise the data to enable users to review it. Web scraping can save time and money in extracting vast amounts of intelligence data, providing critical insights on which to act upon.

How we work with you

Defining your business outcomes and AI possibilities

We embed our teams into yours and work with you to unlock data value by running AI workshops, carrying out feasibility studies on your data and processes, and helping to build the roadmap for successfully integrating AI into your business.

Rapid AI prototyping

Our data experts work out the quickest path to ROI through rapid prototyping.

Our knowledge of cutting edge and mainstream AI, Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, mean we can pick the best pre-trained or automatic ML models to get the answers you need before taking the next step to development.

Custom AI design and build

We have a broad range of AI models that can be applied to your data or we will build a bespoke model to suit your desired business outcomes. We use our in-house data processing tools to accelerate data onboarding and extraction.

Integrating AI into your business

Taking an AI system from prototype to a company-wide roll out for everyone to use, takes knowledge, experience and effort on both sides. As your AI partner we work closely with you to ensure the success of your AI solution from day one.

Additional services

AI managed services

Deeper Insights offer AI Managed Services where you might want further support in hosting ML models, retraining and model performance checks, as well as software engineering tasks to integrate or add features to your solution.

Offsetting carbon emissions

Deeper Insights is passionate about our planet. We are happy to share that with our customers and offer to offset carbon emissions from all customer projects should they wish to participate.

Let us solve your impossible problem

Speak to one of our industry specialists about how Artificial Intelligence can help solve your impossible problem

Deeper Insights
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