Safely and compliantly use AI in your business

Control your reputational and legal risks by using our 3 stage AI Governance framework to build your company’s AI governance capabilities and manage AI safely in your business

Do you know that you can be fined 7% of global revenue if you don't comply with the NEW EU AI Act?

If AI is built and deployed without effective and well thought out governance systems and processes, harm can be caused to people and society.

But AI governance isn't just about risk, its also about innovation. Having confidence in your governance approach enables you to innovate at speed and scale.

Regulations are changing quickly. In order to successfully build and adopt AI systems which fulfill the opportunities and challenges your organisation faces, AI governance needs to be incorporated into your organisational strategy and action plan.

Aligning AI requirements and priorities across functional domains is difficult. Each needs to be effectively engaged in order to create and support the organisations overall strategic and operational journey in AI. This needs active collaboration across stakeholders in the domains of business, legal and technology.

AI Governance allows you to unlock the transformative power of AI whilst managing and mitigating risk to your organisation. AI has great power and potential, but without disciplined governance, it can harm people and society.

How we can help you safely and compliantly use AI in your business

For AI governance, there are a broad array of mechanisms and tools which organisations have available to them to support safely and responsibly deploying and developing AI systems.

We use the People, Process and Tools framework to explore the AI governance mechanisms available to you. Some examples are outlined below.

Deeper Insights can support you in developing an AI Governance strategy and implementing the right organisational structure and mechanisms to enable you to govern, build and adopt AI with confidence.

Deeper Insights


AI is a socio-technical system

  • Training

  • Empowerment

  • Diversity

  • Organisational structure

  • Culture


Processes operationalise principles and policies

  • Risk & impact assessments

  • Mitigation strategies

  • Escalation processes

  • Requirements for documentation, logging and monitoring


Tools are available to help you

  • Technical standards

  • Audits

  • Automated governance tooling

  • Model, system, project cards

  • Risk management frameworks

There is a fast growing array of regulations, standards, frameworks and best practices for AI governance

We can help you to:

Navigate this fast-moving landscape

Identify and implement governance mechanisms in the realms of People, Process and Tools

Train your technical and non-technical staff on AI Governance

Engage stakeholders across functional domains (Business, Legal, Technical)

Identify the right ecosystem of partners for legal and technical compliance

Identify and adopt the right tooling to support your governance team

Our AI Governance services sit across 3 key stages of the responsible AI journey

Stage 1

AI Governance Strategy Consulting

Develop an organisational strategy which facilitates AI’s innovation and deployment whilst mitigating risks and ensuring compliance

Stage 2

Organisational structures and processes - enabling your business to manage your own AI risk

As organisations harness the power of AI, they need to manage the risks, this can involve complex processes, policies and practices. The right team needs to be engaged and informed on AI in order to manage it’s use and development in an organisation.

This is turning from a should have to a must have with emerging regulations.

Stage 3

Education, alignment and engagement

Supporting enablement and training of cross-functional teams, including education, facilitated roundtables, workshops and webinars on what AI and AI risk is. We can help you to engage and enable those developing, utilising and governing AI technologies.

Stage 1: AI Governance Strategy Consulting

How we deliver

  • In depth analysis of your organisations current use of technology and risk and compliance readiness
  • Interviews, assessment of industry context and open roundtable discussions with cross functional teams

What you get

  • Detailed strategy report and presentations
  • Education, upskilling and training throughout engagement
  • Developed understanding of how your business can safely proceed with AI
  • Confidence in how to manage AI governance risk.
  • Support in developing an integrated innovation and governance strategy which is mapped to the overall business strategy and direction

Stage 2: Build organisational AI structures and processes - enabling your business to manage your own AI risk

How we deliver

  • Working with your senior leaders to build the roles and remits for a cross functional team of business, legal and technical AI Governance stakeholders
  • Support in identifying and engaging the right people across business, technical and legal domains, who need to be engaged and empowered
  • Support in turning principles and policies into action through the creation of processes and governance structures which are in line with standards and oncoming regulations
  • We can engage a domain specific team to provide knowledge augmentation (e.g support with computer vision, NLP) to help you identify, develop and adopt specific AI Assurance techniques relevant to your use cases

What you get

  • Definition of required roles,  responsibilities and organisational structures
  • Support in identifying and upskilling the right people for the job
  • Support in identifying mechanisms and developing processes to govern AI effectively
  • Enablement of the organisation to manage it’s own risk and govern AI effectively

Stage 3: AI education, alignment and engagement

How we deliver

  • Education materials, webinars and other tailored content
  • Facilitation of multi-stakeholder workshops to support cross functional collaboration
  • Support in developing an internal CoE (Centre of Excellence)
  • Drop in clinics with SME’s in identified domains
  • Support in creating education on processes developed (and how these map to regulatory requirements)
  • Enablement on risk identification
  • Support in building and managing an ecosystem of technology and legal AI service providers

What you get

  • Education and enablement of technical and non technical teams on the limitations of AI and how to identify risks
  • Re-usable education materials
  • Clinics, roundtables and drop in sessions
  • Facilitation and supported engagement of cross-functional groups who need to collaborate to manage the organisations governance strategy and policies for the use of AI


We have an ecosystem of legal and technical partners who can help with different elements of your governance requirements. We bring in the right external organisations to help you  at the right time in your journey.

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