Automate your carbon emissions reporting with our AI

Automatically extract carbon emissions data across your supply chains.

Extract carbon emissions data from business documents for the purpose of Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions reporting and confidently and accurately report your carbon footprint and that of your customers supply chains, helping them more accurately report their primary carbon emissions data to avoid regulatory fines and reach net zero with confidence.

We understand environmental data challenges

Enterprise organisations typically have hundreds of data points and millions of unstructured documents in pdfs, tables, charts, conversations and more.

And this information is across multiple sites, systems, formats, languages and permissions.

There are extensive fines associated with not reporting this data correctly. Our AI solution can help your customers solve their reporting requirements quickly and efficiently

"Our main challenges are data availability, quality and management. It's challenging to use primary data from suppliers to build our Scope 3 footprints and to assess emissions hotspots"


We help carbon accounting and ESG companies process primary data

We automate your primary data extraction

Using deep learning we extract and classify primary data to pass through to consultants and accounting platforms for automated reporting and insights.

Use our API to gather your primary data

Our API extracts key information from your documents and returns structured JSON for integrating into your Life Cycle Assessment platform, carbon accounting platform and ESG reports.

Get accurate EDP data quickly

We've combined a decade of expertise in document processing, AI and Machine Learning, data aggregation and insights to build an end-to-end managed solution that enables carbon accounting platforms and ESg consultants to more easily collect and extract primary environmental data quickly, at scale.

This allows organisations to rely less on secondary data while improving accuracy both in carbon footprint reporting and future decision making in order to reach net zero.

Accurate carbon emissions data extraction

We automate the processing of millions of unstructured environmental documents and apply Artificial Intelligence along with API’s to make carbon emissions data aggregation and extraction frictionless and scalable at low cost.

AI powered environmental data processing and insights

We take your unstructured data, digitise it and apply pre-trained AI and ML models to automate the processing of the data in large batches at speed.

Then we integrate it back into your carbon emissions reports as useful insights through our RESTful API.

Read the API documentation

Check the API

Our API documentation section provides comprehensive information on our software's API. You'll find detailed explanations of all endpoints, methods, and parameters, along with code examples and tutorials. Our team of experts has designed a reliable and efficient API to simplify your development experience and enhance your integration capabilities. Explore our API documentation to achieve your carbon emission data automation goals.

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It's never been done before and will change the category."

Smith & Nephew

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