Simplify mission critical processes with natural language processing (NLP)

Use the power of AI and NLP to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data so you can optimise business operations, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions.

Use NLP to discover fresh data insights from vast volumes of digital text quickly and easily

Automatically create useful summaries and easily digestible insights unique to your industry and language from huge volumes of digital text.

What we do

Entity recognition

We use state of the art natural language models to recognise the most relevant named entities within your text documents.

Sentiment analysis

We use Sentiment Analysis to understand customer opinions to find actionable product and UX insights.

Semantic search

We use NLP techniques to find the documents most similar to your search query, not based on the exact word match, but on the meaning behind the words.

How natural language processing solves your data challenges

Uncover hidden data insights from social media channels

Use NLP to analyse and interpret language used in social media posts, responses, reviews and comments to extract useful insights on consumer responses to products, services and promotional campaigns.

Create advanced chatbots and virtual agents with NLP

Use NLP techniques to create chatbots that recognise the context of typed text entries and respond with relevant and accurate answers or a range of user options quickly and easily.

Use NLP to quickly detect spam and phishing risks

Use NLP's capabilities to scan applications like emails for language that may indicate it is spam or a phishing risk.

NLP in healthcare

Gain valuable insights from large volumes of unstructured medical documents and text in a consistent, efficient and unbiased manner.

Why Deeper Insights

AI expertise at your fingertips

Many AI projects fail because of lack of internal resource capacity and skill set to deliver successful AI solutions.

We provide the important AI extension to support your existing team.

Next generation AI technology without the complexity or risk

Why build an AI solution yourself when we already have proven technology and advanced tools ready to deliver what you need in half the time.

De-risk your projects with our 4-week AI Accelerator programme to see what's possible before you dive in.

Proven AI strategies for successful business outcomes

Deeper Insights have been designing and developing AI and ML solutions for several years and count many household name brands as customers.

We don't just develop AI solutions and leave you to implement them, we provide an end to end service and any ongoing support and advice that you need.

Natural language processing insights on our blog

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Mistral Models Explained: Performance, Innovation, and Open Source

Curious about the buzz around Mistral? Discover why this France-based AI company is making waves with its advanced, open-source language models. Learn how innovations like Grouped-Query Attention and Mixture of Experts architecture make their models powerful and efficient.
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Why Data Matters in your AI Strategy: GenAI vs. NLP

Explore the rise of Generative AI and understand the impact of transformer architectures. Learn how GPT models generate text and BERT models extract information. Discover their pros and cons, focusing on NLP applications, to choose the right model for your specific use case.
Open blog post

LoRA to QDoRA: A Technical Analysis of Efficient LLM Fine-Tuning

Large language models (LLMs) need fine-tuning for specific tasks. Methods like LoRA and QLoRA improve efficiency. The latest innovation, QDoRA, further enhances performance and reduces computational demands.

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