AI facial recognition technology for aviation and airports

Highly tested AI biometrics solutions for a smarter, faster and more secure passenger experience


passengers processed at Heathrow using the technology

The face recognition solutions, technology originally developed by our partners Aurora-AI, have processed millions of passengers over the past 10 years

With geographically diverse restrictions, evolving bio-security arrangements and completely new travel patterns, airports and airlines are faced with the most complex mix of challenges in living memory

And if there’s one thing AI loves, it’s complexity. Deep Learning finds the relationships between data that traditional machine learning techniques could not.

At Deeper Insights, we harness this powerful technology into a highly configurable range of products and services. Together with our expert consultancy, they can be tailored to the specific needs of many key processes in passenger management through integration with existing system architecture and data sources.

Used by the world’s
leading airports

We are proud to offer the technology used in some of the most advanced aviation hubs in the UK and across the world.

Based on our core expertise in AI, we have been at the forefront of developments in facial recognition, pioneering the use of infrared imaging for superior performance in airport environments.

This capability forms part of the range of AI-powered tools we have available, which turn the constant flow of air travel data into real-world, business benefits. This improves the performance of back-end functions and eases passenger journeys.

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