AI consultants for the public sector

National and Local governments are looking towards AI to tackle operational inefficiency and rising costs.

Find out how AI can help you streamline productivity and inform future planning and policy.

Delivering better business outcomes with AI

Once all your data is machine readable, AI can get to work. AI applications like Machine Learning and Computer Vision can not only automate many data processing tasks but also help solve a wide variety of problems such as analysing infrastructure data, detecting tax-evasion patterns, predicting maintenance of roads, schools and other public buildings, connecting health and social care data to service the public better and more.

How we can help solve government problems

Improving public sector resource allocation decisions with AI

AI and Machine Learning can significantly improve accuracy in comparison to most traditional decision-making processes or systems. Its value is in enabling better resource-allocation decisions in areas like welfare support, immigration decisions, detecting potential fraud, answering public queries and environmental, infrastructure and housing project decisions.

Supporting defense, intelligence and law enforcement with AI

Defense, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies are deploying and scaling AI, using advanced technologies such as Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Data Analytics to detect potential risks or suspicious activity in large datasets, streamlining back-office functions by automating data processing, assessing resource allocation needs and the predictive maintenance of equipment.

Informing future planning and policy with AI

Creating new policies or critical business decisions about improving sustainability, building smart cities and infrastructure, education access and enrollment, healthcare and welfare need to be backed up with data intelligence.

AI is helping to accelerate these decisions through data automation and extraction of fresh insights directly into the organisation.

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We are data science experts recognised globally with over 500+ citations and patents.

We specialise in Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics.


We use the latest AI technology, tools and techniques to enable businesses to onboard data quickly and at scale and harness a variety of models and AI applications to gain fresh insights that support more informed decisions.


We work in partnership with our clients to ensure we find the best solution to solve their impossible problem and drive positive business outcomes that make a measurable impact on performance, innovation and efficiency.

Government insights on our blog

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Revolutionising AI: The Depth and Future of Meta's Segment Anything Model

Meta's Segment Anything Model (SAM) redefines AI in image segmentation, enabling prompt-based object outlining in photos. SAM, powered by an extensive billion-mask dataset, shows immense potential in various industries, despite current real-time application limits.
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Can Large Language Models Retain the Magic of Harry Potter?

Can LLMs selectively forget data, such as Harry Potter details? It is a technical challenge, balancing the removal of knowledge with maintaining model functionality, and has positive potencial for businesses in terms of legal compliance and ethical AI practices.
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Decoding 'Outperform' in LLM Comparisons

Explore the dynamic world of Large Language Models (LLMs) as we dissect what 'outperform' really means in AI. Delve into the complexities of evaluating AI models, the intricacies of benchmark leakage, and the evolving criteria for measuring LLM performance.

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