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Machine Learning is based on creating autonomous self-learning workflows which can be adopted in many different scenarios within organisations to create recommendations, sense demand, predict maintenance and performance outcomes, assess product affinity, conduct matching and anomaly detection to name a few.

What we do

We help guide you through the art of what's possible in AI and Machine Learning from a decade of knowledge and proven experience

We design and build innovative and custom Machine Learning algorithms that create a competitive edge

We adopt an efficient and tailored approach to solving automation, insights and prediction needs for your business

We deliver scalable and flexible Machine Learning models that not only deliver value to your business but can grow with you as your AI needs change

How we do it

Machine learning planning

We work with you to understand the business outcomes you want to achieve in order to select the right machine learning approach for your project.

We will do further research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Natural Language Processing to select the best models for your project.

Identifying the appropriate data in order to make sure the model and subsequent training will be most effective. If you don't have a data set, we can also create it for you.

Machine learning design

Designing the architecture and infrastructure which will host and run your models. We offer cloud or on-premise solutions to cater to all your requirements.

Machine learning prototyping

Prototyping a small minimum viable model (MVM) that uses a subset of the data and solves part of the problem, but proves the value of such an approach that gives you confidence in scaling it.

Machine learning build

Once you're happy with the performance of the model, its time to scale it and release it to the world. That's where strict model design, infrastructure design and MLOps practices come into play, led by our experienced Machine Learning engineering and Operations teams.

Machine learning maintenance and support

We work with you to understand the skills and experience of your teams, in order for them to successfully carry on the long-term management of the AI solution. If you don't have an inhouse data science team, we also provide managed services.

Transform your business critical activities with machine learning

Intelligent applications powered by AI and Machine Learning can help you accelerate business-critical activities, gain a competitive advantage and inform strategic planning.

Successful Machine Learning projects include improving supply chain performance, delivering more personalized services and product recommendations, informing and detecting tissue and bone in surgery, predicting treatment outcomes, risk analysis and more.

Why Deeper Insights

Machine learning expertise at your fingertips

Machine learning and especially deep learning models require large amounts of high-quality data for better performance. Data discovery and cleaning can be time consuming processes.

We provide the important Machine Learning expertise to support you.

Comprehensive testing and refinement

Testing is an important part of Machine Learning and a necessary step to confirm that the machine is making sense of the data being fed into the network.

Avoid inhouse, internal time constraints by using Deeper Insights.

Full lifecycle service and support

Deeper Insights have been designing and developing AI and Machine Learning solutions for several years and count many household name brands as customers.

We don't just develop AI solutions and leave you to implement them, we provide an end to end service with all the support and advice that you need.

Start your AI development now

Speak to one of our deep AI specialists about how we can help accelerate and de-risk your innovation.

Deeper Insights
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