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Whether you're looking to start a new AI project or deliver an existing proof of concept, we're here to help as your AI consultants. Our expertise across Data Extraction, Machine Learning, AI Model development, and Advanced Data Analytics will support your teams to deliver the business outcomes you want.

Uncover opportunities with an expert AI consulting team

Deeper Insights use a world of data from webpages to internal documents, together with applied Data Science and custom AI dashboards that empower you to make data-driven business decisions, understand trends, buying patterns, competitors, assess risk, predict future outcomes or match people to products, jobs and services.

Working in collaboration with you and AI

Our AI experts will work collaboratively with you to identify where we can add AI consulting capabilities to your existing products, services and processes. You may already have specific use cases or a business problem in mind which our AI consulting could solve or provide demonstrable value.

Your AI consulting journey with us

AI discovery

Our AI consultants who are all from academic research backgrounds, with decades of experience developing AI solutions for enterprise will run a deep dive into your data challenges, using scientific research and workshops to determine the hypothesis to prove, assess the feasibility of the project and design a full project plan based on your requirements and desired business outcomes. Meet our data scientists.

Need a fast-track option? We also offer an Accelerated AI 4-week programme using rapid prototyping to determine if your idea could potentially be solved with AI.

AI architecture design

We design the most appropriate AI consulting solution based on your requirements which may incorporate tools such as Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, choosing the best pre-trained or automatic ML models or developing new ones to get the answers you need.

AI solution development

We build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that allows the client to engage with an AI solution that runs on a subset of data, and with perhaps just one or two models.

Deeper Insights work using Scrum Agile methodologies and follow a typical Team Data Science Process (TDSP) to pre-process, train, hyperparameter tune and deploy AI solutions.

AI deployment

Deployment of your AI project can be either via hosted cloud service such as AWS, Azure or GCP. ML Models can also be containerised and shipped for on-premise integration by the client, with support from our engineering team.

AI maintenance and support

Deeper Insights also offers a full lifecycle AI Consultancy Managed Service, providing the operational 'run' and maintenance of the AI solution as well as hosting and ongoing support.

Why Deeper Insights

AI expertise at your fingertips

Many AI projects fail because of lack of internal resource capacity and skill set to deliver successful AI solutions.

We provide the important AI extension to support your existing team.

Next generation AI technology without the complexity or risk

Why build an AI solution yourself when we already have proven technology and advanced tools ready to deliver what you need in half the time.

De-risk your projects with our 4-week AI Accelerator programme to see what's possible before you dive in.

Proven AI strategies for successful business outcomes

Deeper Insights have been designing and developing AI and ML solutions for several years and count many household name brands as customers.

We don't just develop AI solutions and leave you to implement them, we provide an end to end service and any ongoing support and advice that you need.

Learn more about how AI can transform your business

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Revolutionising Educational Environments Through AI

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising education, enhancing personalised learning and outcomes. AI extends beyond automation, reshaping teaching and enriching knowledge acquisition for all students, including those with special needs.

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