Implement AI across your organization with confidence using our services

An AI journey is a marathon not a sprint. It’s not just a software purchase, you are buying and implementing an entire new level of intelligence for your organisation

We provide a complete suites of services from Education and AI Strategy Consulting to Adoption and Maintenance of a custom AI solution that is tailored to your business needs

Partner with an AI expert on your journey

Adopting AI in your business can seem scary. You don’t know where to start, you don’t know what regulations are, you don’t know if you have the right skills or people and you don’t know how to measure its success.

We have done this over and over and delivered success. Well, we can help you with all of that. We’re you're partners in everything AI.

Our Service Suite

Deeper Insights How We Work

Boasting ten years in design, build and management of custom AI solutions for corporate clients, we have built up a wealth of experience in helping companies get the most out of AI for their customers, employees and stakeholders

Our suite of services cover the entire AI adoption lifecycle through our unique EEBAM programme Educate, Explore, Build, Adopt & Maintain.


Clear understanding of AI advancements and how it can be leveraged to benefit your business

  • Board room briefings (link to page)
  • AI Centre of Excellence (link to page)


AI strategy development through identification, prioritisation & feasibility review of the most valuable AI opportunities to achieve key business objectives, as well as AI technology roadmap development using our Accelerated AI Innovation programme


Development & deployment of  AI solution(s) at required level of maturity. This kicks off with our Accelerated AI Innovation programme

  • Selecting the right model
  • Evaluating data, systems and skills
  • Training new AI models from scratch
  • Fine tuning models
  • Proof of Concept development
  • Minimum Viable Product development
  • Productionisation of AI
  • Due diligence over existing AI
  • Many more technical services


Ensure AI solution is seamlessly integrated into the business


AI solution longevity

  • Maintenance and monitoring of AI systems
  • Scalability and Evolution

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It's never been done before and will change the category."

Smith & Nephew

"Deeper Insights have been an incredible AI and data science partner for us, picking up challenging work with ease and delivering innovative AI solutions with confidence."


We are the AI partner for business

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