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See how AI is solving the biggest Edtech challenges from interpreting the online learning market to tracking competing challengers, monitoring trends and predictions and improving course conversion rates.

Globally, education is expected to become a $7t industry by 2025

The disruption of Edtech is gaining momentum as the emergence of education alternatives and the online learning landscape attract new providers, products and services. Borderless distribution models and personalised products that scale globally are now threatening the traditional education business model.

How AI can help solve your education challenges

Speed up student onboarding

Automate student enrolment and onboarding, deliver course related notifications, schedules and programmes, recommend content and additional courses based on interests, skills and performance levels.

AI-powered personalisation to enhance the learning experience

Use AI to assess student interactions, behaviours and responses to information given. Match students to relevant content as it becomes available, recommend further learning or go back and address specific points or progress to more advanced content that will enhance the learning experience further.

Monitor learning effectiveness

AI enables education leaders and content providers to monitor performance and the learning process on an individual level and as it happens in order to improve content, services or support as needed.

Improve conversions

Gain a deeper understanding of your students to predict outcomes, future courses and related learning that are matched to individuals who are more likely to join and complete the courses.

AI based custom curriculum

Use an AI specialist like Deeper Insights to build custom AI solutions that can create tailor-made curriculums based on individuals strengths, weaknesses, behaviours and past and present interest datasets.

Why choose Deeper Insights?


We are data science experts recognised globally with over 500+ citations and patents.

We specialise in Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Analytics.


We use the latest AI technology, tools and techniques to enable businesses to onboard data quickly and at scale and harness a variety of models and AI applications to gain fresh insights that support more informed decisions.


We work in partnership with our clients to ensure we find the best solution to solve their impossible problem and drive positive business outcomes that make a measurable impact on performance, innovation and efficiency.

The latest insights on our blog

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