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Enabling the world to deliver products and services at scale with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy through the transformative power of AI.

Democratising AI

Artificial Intelligence is gaining maturity. Computing power has evolved such that modern AI technologies can do so much more and are becoming more accessible to a wider business demographic.

The democratization of AI has begun.

Why we're here

Inefficiency and waste is a huge problem in organisations today. Whether that is measured in time, costs, accuracy, throughput or even physical waste. Inefficiencies hinder growth and the challenge multiplies as you scale.

Deeper Insights believe that responsible use of AI can solve many of the toughest challenges organisations are facing today. We also believe that AI should be accessible to everyone, not just at enterprise level. You no longer need deep pockets in order to use AI.

We take data science to the next level to solve your impossible problems with modern AI technologies.

Our approach is open and collaborative. We challenge and push the realms of what’s possible with advanced technology while being responsible with it. We deliver expert data science and document intelligence solutions that enable all businesses to onboard unstructured data simply and easily and start using AI to create immediate value.

"What you think may be impossible at the start often turns out to be possible if you find a way of looking deeper.

At the heart of the impossible is the answer. We help you find a way to see it. We are Deeper Insights."

Jack Hampson, Founder and CEO
Jack Hampson, Founder and CEO of Deeper Insights

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How we help transform your business with AI

Data driven decision making with AI

As the world continues to adopt a digital first environment how can organisations scale better, be more adaptive to change, stay relevant and innovate faster?

Advances in AI technology are enabling a new era of digital transformation where data intelligence is at the heart.

Valuable insights extracted from hidden data can guide decision making by more accurately predicting future outcomes.

Is your business data AI ready? We can help get your data into shape to enable AI to do its work.

Improve operational efficiency at low cost with AI

Routine manual tasks such as data processing and customer onboarding can be moved to a simple AI solution where thousands of documents can be processed in minutes not hours or days.

This enables human resources to be better utilised for more interesting or creative tasks.

Optimise customer personalisation with AI

Optimising customer experiences is a key component of success in a highly competitive, on-demand world.

AI can automate personalised recommended content directly to your customers seamlessly, in real-time and at scale. Predict likely outcomes, match people to new products and services, improving customer engagement. Learn more about your competitive landscape and act upon it.

Getting started with ai

Learn more about what AI can do for you in our blog series

Open blog post

Revolutionising AI: The Depth and Future of Meta's Segment Anything Model

Meta's Segment Anything Model (SAM) redefines AI in image segmentation, enabling prompt-based object outlining in photos. SAM, powered by an extensive billion-mask dataset, shows immense potential in various industries, despite current real-time application limits.
Open blog post

Can Large Language Models Retain the Magic of Harry Potter?

Can LLMs selectively forget data, such as Harry Potter details? It is a technical challenge, balancing the removal of knowledge with maintaining model functionality, and has positive potencial for businesses in terms of legal compliance and ethical AI practices.
Open blog post

Decoding 'Outperform' in LLM Comparisons

Explore the dynamic world of Large Language Models (LLMs) as we dissect what 'outperform' really means in AI. Delve into the complexities of evaluating AI models, the intricacies of benchmark leakage, and the evolving criteria for measuring LLM performance.

Let us solve your impossible problem

Speak to one of our industry specialists about how Artificial Intelligence can help solve your impossible problem

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