Deeper Insights enhances reporting accuracy for Yoono using an LLM

Project overview

Yoono sought to enhance its report-generation process for clients. They faced challenges in accurately identifying concerning content due to limitations in understanding keyword context, leading to false positives in reports. Deeper Insights was engaged to refine the process, by fine-tuning a Large Language Model for better context comprehension. This collaboration significantly reduced false positives, improved report accuracy, and swiftly provided a fuller picture of subjects.

The challenge

Yoono, an automated intelligence service, generates comprehensive reputation reports on individuals or companies for clients. The challenge was to swiftly and accurately identify the content of concern for hiring personnel. However, the existing process had limitations, as it could not fully comprehend the context of the keywords found in the data, leading to false instances of concern being flagged in the reports. The challenge was to improve the accuracy of the reports by ensuring the keyword triggers could discern the context of their use and rapidly deliver more complete and accurate profiles to their clients.

The solution

Deeper Insights was engaged to refine how Yoono processed information. They improved on Yoono’s existing approach by implementing a solution that used a fine-tuned pre-trained Large Language Model (LLM) on Yoono's specific data. This allowed for a better understanding of the context of the keywords and their use in articles, social media, and other written items online, thereby reducing the flagging of incorrect materials.

The end result

The collaboration with Deeper Insights led to a significant reduction in false positives in Yoono's reports. The enhanced system could swiftly provide a more thorough report and a fuller picture of applicants. By employing a pre-trained LLM that was fine-tuned to Yoono’s data for better contextual understanding of keyword use, the instances of false information in the reports were markedly reduced. This improvement in efficiency and report detail provided their clients with more comprehensive information. The value added by Deeper Insights was instrumental in refining Yoono's service quality and enhancing client satisfaction.

Deeper Insights has been a valuable partner in our journey to improve our services. Their solution has not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced the quality of information we provide to our clients.

Simon Wadsworth, Founder, Yoono

Next steps

A variety of technologies and techniques were utilised in the development of this application. To gain a further understanding of the technology and services offered by Deeper Insights, please inquire for more information or visit our services page.

In numbers

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