Use AI-powered facial recognition to carry out one-to-one checks that confirm an individual’s identity against a document such as a boarding pass or passport, or one-to-many matching to identify an individual

Connecting ID to Individual

From enabling secure border control within a Common Departure Lounge to supporting Self-Boarding at the gate, Bio-Air is proven in the most demanding passenger management applications.

Behind the world’s largest biometric implementation at Heathrow Airport, where millions of passengers are processed every year, Bio-Air is an incredibly flexible product suite adaptable to many applications.

Easily integrated as a biometric layer into existing architectures to improve the passenger experience and facilitate new business processes, Bio-Air makes facial recognition the obvious choice for biometrics in passenger management.

Passenger experiences powered by Bio-Air

Bio-Air has many applications across key touchpoints throughout the airport, easing the progress for new and seasoned passengers alike.

Border Security in Common Departure Lounges

In airports where the departure lounge is shared between domestic and international passengers, Bio-Air can be integrated with automatic gates to check that the person leaving is the same person enrolled against the previously scanned boarding pass, essential for border security.

Self-service Bag Drop

Bio-Air can be used at Bag Drop to verify a passenger’s identity against their passport photograph and link this to their boarding pass, if required.


Automate the boarding gate check process by using Bio-Air to ensure the person attempting to board the plane matches the person whose documents were originally checked. Either verify identity against a scanned boarding pass or identify the passenger from those expected to board.

Passenger or Staff Only Entry Check Point

Bio-Air can be used to control access to areas designated only for passengers or staff with boarding passes or ID cards by integrating face recognition checks at automatic gates or doors. In identification mode, Bio-Air also supports airports in the drive to remove the need to present documents multiple times; “your face is your passport”.

Frequent Flyer Programme Management

Bio-Air can be used to seamlessly identify or verify passengers enrolled into a Frequent Flyer programme, allowing access to restricted areas with or without the need for the presentation of a loyalty card.

SDKs & System Architecture

Bio-Air is delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration into an airport’s existing passenger management infrastructure. We supply specialist IR cameras to overcome the problems associated with Face Recognition in varying lighting conditions, but depending on the application system integrators can also consider working with existing colour cameras or a combination of the two.


The Bio-Air SDK is a face recognition SDK designed to work with our range of specialist IR cameras, but can also be used to process images from standard cameras

The SDK includes an API for software integration, providing an interface to control the IR camera for enrolment, verification and identification procedures. Bio-Air SDK includes a Developer guide and help files, the unique licence file to grant API access for a specific PC and an example Visual Studio project that uses the AIR API, together with an example application providing simple enrolment and verification testing.

The Advanced module provides developers with the extended functionality necessary to carry out more involved face recognition tasks. These include enhancement of poor enrolments, storage of multiple representations of one person in a single template, checking of new enrolments against a previous enrolment and the comparison of full colour images with infrared images.


A range of specialist near infra-red cameras, designed specifically for facial recognition, is available which can be integrated with new or existing physical infrastructure, such as check in desks, bag drop facilities or security gates. Each camera requires a PC for local control and image handling.

Bio-Air can also be used with 3rd party camera systems as long as certain image quality criteria are met.


Bio-Air is designed to operate in tandem with the host passenger management system and can be used to enrol and subsequently verify passengers against documents such as boarding passes and passports, as well as carry out 1 to many identification based on a previous enrolment. Each facial recognition camera requires a host PC (usually a small form factor device) for control and local caching of images.

A central server is required to manage the biometric templates, but the system has been designed to have minimum impact on network traffic, having very small file sizes for template images, typically around 1Kb. Server specification will vary depending on the particular application and we work with system integration and delivery partners to design the most appropriate architecture, based on our extensive experience in delivering these solutions at scale.

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