Use Case: Customer Service Sentiment Analysis


Using review data and feedback from consumers online, we analyse over 32,000 reviews towards the top 5 internet service providers (ISP) within the UK market.

This analysis is carried out following our three-step augmented analytics approach: Gather, Process and Visualise.

This analysis is done using passive listening from reviews, and with auto-discovery of service categories and their relating sentiment scores. Therefore providing a completely unbiased view of the market.


1. Gather

To gather a relevant data set for analysis, we trained the Skim Engine™'s focused crawler to search and extract relevant reviews, comments and general feedback related to these 5 ISP companies: BT, EE, Virgin, Sky and Plusnet.

This data is then pre-processed and cleaned for passing on to the next step in the augmented analytics journey.

2. Process

For consumer insights analysis we have a set of pre-built models we train on the dataset. This allows us to gain answers from the data much faster than usual and at a much-reduced cost to the client, as they're not paying for expensive engineering time.

Choice of models:

  • Consumer Sentiment Model
    Identifies the comment level sentiment related to the service of a company.
  • Named Entity Recognition Model
    Recognizes the company name, and any related products.
  • Feature Recognition Model
    Recognizes the specific features or aspects of a product or service.
  • Sentiment Explainability Model
    Looks at the explainability of the negative or positive sentiment in relation to a feature, product or service.

3. Visualize

Once we've processed the data, auto-detected the relevant service categories and applied sentiment scores to each. We can then visualise this data in a dashboard. In this case study we use Microsoft's PowerBI.


Its clear from the overall market data that Plusnet has by far the worst sentiment score of any company.

Given they're the cheaper option in the market it's perhaps not a surprise to see that their worst-performing service is Customer Service (-19 score).

However, when drilling down into the Customer Service category specifically. You can see that they're not the worst for that category. With Virgin and Sky achieving -24 and -20 respectively.

Looking at the Price category, it seems that in general, UK consumers don't complain about this factor often. And the sentiment is even across the companies.

This is just a snapshot in time and therefore would expect that many more insights are gleaned over further weeks and months of analysis. Since the Skim Engine™ never sleeps, we can provide on-demand market research and insights for business leaders. Get in touch today.