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Learn the business AI basics

We suggest to start with increasing your understanding of the technology and areas such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Without a basic knowledge is difficult to figure out what business objectives to pursue, what kind of technology you need and how it will work inside your organisation.

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Prioritise concrete value

Once you’ve gathered an initial knowledge of the technology, start thinking about how you can add AI capabilities to your existing products, services and processes.

More importantly, have in mind specific use cases in which AI could solve business problems or provide demonstrable value.

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Address internal capability gaps

If the discovery phase is quite creative and aspirational, at this point you’ll need to address internal capability gaps that could create an obstacle to the project.

There is a severe difference between what you would like to accomplish and what your internal capability is able to deliver within a given time frame.

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Prepare your data

Data is the main element of any AI project. Before implementing these technologies into your business, you need to clean your data to avoid a “garbage in, garbage out” scenario.

Data is typically spread out in multiple data silos of different systems and may be in the hands of different teams with different priorities.

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Prepare your employees

With the implementation of AI systems, your teams will be provided with additional insight and automation. They will have a tool to make AI a part of their daily routines rather than something that replaces it.

However, some employees may be preoccupied about how this technology can affect their jobs. Introducing the solution as a way to supplement their daily tasks is important.

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AI is a marathon not a sprint

When committing to a project, you need to be aware that the AI system isn't going to perform magic on day one.

You need to consider that the human training of the system is a process. Teaching your AI system to be smart takes time.

6 things your business can expect from Data Science

Whether you're looking to create new data or analyse existing data, we're here to help. Our expertise across data extraction, AI model development, and analytics can be used to support your teams and your business to uncover a world of opportunities. You only need an idea, and we'll do the rest.

1. Feasibility studies and thorough scientific research

Our team of AI consultants hail from academic research backgrounds, and love nothing more than getting into the details of your data problems.

Drawing on our decades of experience developing AI solutions for enterprise, we can design a full project plan based on your project requirements and business goals.

2. First class AI systems and architectural designs

Our architecture design incorporates cloud or on-premise requirements, data protection laws, and speed of processing, all important considerations for any effective AI system.

We’ve spent many years refining our cloud based model training architecture that uses CPU or GPU resources to optimally train and retrain your models.

Using AI solutions for enterprise, we can design a full project plan based on your project requirements and business goals.

3. High quality data pre-processing

We know how important good data is to the success of a project, and thats why we take necessary steps to ensure the highest quality of data cleaning, normalisation, deduplication, labelling and whatever else is required.

Additionally, our Skim Engine can handle a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to text data, pdf or html

4. Accurate Annotations

Just as important as good data, is accurately labelled data. Therefore our unique cloud based annotation tools allow for the domain experts to help with the annotation and therefore input to the AI models.

The cloud annotator is accessible anywhere, easy to use and reduces the number of annotation tasks through Active Learning.

5. Model development

At this stage of a project, we’re working night and day (and our processors!) to train a model to the highest of standards that meet the acceptance criteria your project demands.

At this point we’ll be diving into the depths of deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing and all sorts of other AI techniques to give you a trustworthy AI system you can rely on.

6. Data visualisations and dashboards

Turning all of your data into something useful requires a clear design vision from the beginning of the project. Which is why we have dedicated design teams that can produce custom dashboards to present the insights you want, and take the actions you need.

We help companies like yours win with AI

From finance to healthcare, from market research to media monitoring, we can help your people make better decisions. We work alongside companies like yours to help deliver successful AI and ML projects - to make a real business value impact


The challenge: Deloitte’s partners and account managers found they were drowning in news from sales support teams, and unable to react quickly to market changes

The solution: Deeper Insights built a prototype Automated Insights app allowing them to have better conversations with clients and close more business

The outcome: Account managers at Deloitte close more business thanks to actionable insights delivered straight to their phones

Client said: "There are a number of gems we’ve found that are far better than the standard services we use" - Dimitar Milanov, Partner, Deloitte


The challenge: Help the sales and marketing teams know more about their customers to enable them to drive deeper customer engagement in sales meetings

The solution: Deeper Insights developed a CMS that scraped the web and automatically identified and summarised customer events relating to key accounts at JLL

The outcome: The automation of the whole previous manual process, and being able to identify 60% more news stories than the manual process, enabling JLL have better and more informed conversations with their clients

Client said: "We have lots of researchers and people who generate insights for our clients, Deeper Insights™ (formerly Skim Technologies) helped us improve the speed at which we get insights and have better conversations with our clients." - Chris Zissis, CIO, Jones Lang LaSalle


The challenge: In the UK, the total number of Total Knee Replacements(TKA's) per year has increased from 13,546 in 2003 to 98,147 in 2019 costing the NHS an estimated £585m per year. The average cost of a TKA in the UK is £12,000, however, post-surgical complications, e.g surgical site infection, increases this cost by between £1618 and £2398 per patient.

The solution: Our consortium, which is comprised of Smith&Nephew Ltd, Deeper Insights and Imperial College London, won Innovate-UK funding to carry out an ambitious and innovative project that is focussed on developing markerless and automated registration and tracking of the patient's limbs tailored for robotic-assisted orthopedic procedures using structured light technology assisted by deep learning to continuously capture the patient's anatomy during surgery.

This new platform will be integrated within S&N's commercially available robotic platform "NAVIO," which was previously supported by I-UK funding, and will obviate the need for percutaneous markers reducing set-up time, cost and complexity during surgery.

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PhD Network Science


Dr Claudio Sa,

PhD Deep Learning


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PhD Image Processing