Skim Engine™

Skim Engine™ finds, processes and reads all the data you need.

Our unique set of AI-powered web scraping and data extraction tools automatically search and gather key information from anything; documents, web pages, social media and the rest.

It's so powerful you can now gather intelligent data about your customers, monitor markets or spy on competitors without lifting a finger.

See how our powerful external and unstructured data processing engine works.

Find webpages with laser focus

Don't waste resource, time or money on crawling millions of useless webpages. Instead deploy focused crawlers trained to find the needle in the haystack.

  • Trained to identify unique web content for high accuracy
  • Smart proxying and IP rotation means you're never blocked
  • Reduce time wasted crawling irrelevant pages and save money

Filter highly relevant articles or posts from vast data feeds

Take live news feeds, RSS, social media or anything else for that matter, and filter out the noise to show only the most relevant articles, posts or documents.

  • Find precise content immediately
  • Filter out the noise and see only whats relevant
  • Make large data feeds manageable

Obtain accurate data from anywhere without writing rules

Automatically extract more than forty different features from a page including; Brand, Company, Person, Author, Date, Price, Image, Video and much more. 

  • No need for web scraping rules
  • Automatically identify features on a page
  • Remove boiler plate and noise
  • Extract data from a breadth of domains

No page unturned, even PDFs and photocopies

Make use of all your data, not just the documents already digitised, by deploying Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the blurriest of photocopies or scans.

  • Works on any PDF or image
  • Used independently or together with crawlers and filters to uncover insights from a wide range of documents.

Not Just a Tool

We built Skim Engine to do some, or occasionally all, of the work for you but it doesn’t stop there. We can work with you to make your own brilliant AI product and offer consultancy on any data science project so that you know how to make use of all of the marvellous tools at your disposal. If that sounds good, let’s talk.

Our Skim Engine is available for developers via an API. To find out more email