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Use Case: Customer Service Sentiment Analysis

Using review data and feedback from consumers online, we analyse over 32,000 reviews towards the top 5 internet service providers (ISP) within the UK market.

This analysis is carried out following our three-step augmented analytics approach: Gather, Process and Visualise.

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Whitespace with deeper insights

Whitespace discovery for consumer goods×683-1.mp4 Market Research: Whitespace Discovery We take a look at how product managers for the niche Robo Lawn Mower category, can analyse consumer feedback to discover whitespace in an emerging product category. With a rapidly evolving category with new entrants and evolving consumer requirements, it’s hard to know what insights to look for and where…

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Semantic Role Labelling

What does this model do? This model is used to identify the role one or more objects has with the other(s). Take for example a company team page that shows members, and you want to identify the job roles of certain people. This model identifies the individual person and the job they have. Such as…

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Topic discovery machine learning model

Topic Discovery

What does this model do? Used to discover the unknown topics within big data. Unsupervised learning technique that converts a large corpus into a network representation, and then identifies and analyses communities (aka topics) in this network.   Who should use this model? This is the ideal discovery tool for those that don’t know what…

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feature recognition machine learning model

Feature Recognition

What does this model do? This model recognizes features of a product, for example a car will have features such as size of its tank, number of seats, media system, alloy wheels. These are all recognized features by the model. Or The model will recognize aspects of a service. Such as an automotive insurance company…

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entity recognition

Named Entity Recognition

What does this model do? This model recognizes; brand, company, product and peoples names within text. Who should use this model? This model has many applications and can be combined with a range of Market Research and Business Analytics use cases. Ideally combined with models such as Sentiment, Event detection or Company Distress. Business Analysts:…

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Consumer feedback model

Consumer Feedback

What does this model do? This model uses review data, comments, blogs and forum data to extract the explanation for the sentiment expressed towards a given aspect of a service or product feature. Combined with our Consumer Sentiment model, you can use this model to identify the reasons why a consumer has given such negative…

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