Applying AI to unlock the value of data within the art industry

Project overview

The Artist's Resale Right (ARR) entitles artists to a royalty each time their work is resold by an art market professional. DACS is the leading organisation administering this Right on behalf of visual artists and their beneficiaries, and ensures artists receive royalties from qualifying sales not just in the UK, but also internationally through DAC's network of rights management organisations.

The challenge

Extracting online data of potential and actual sales was time consuming and costly. DACS wanted to improve the way in which it conducts its ARR processing, reducing or removing labour intensive tasks and lowering processing costs. They also wanted to find more artists to represent and looked to Deeper Insights to adopt smarter ways of working using AI to solve their manual, repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to do other things.

The solution

Deeper Insights worked with DACS using a range of AI applications to automatically extract artist data to use in DACS systems and qualify artist resale rights.

Computer Vision, Natural language processing and robotic process automation were used to:

  • Gallery/Auction Artwork Feature Extraction - extract name, title, price and date from an auction site that can be input to a database (manual, XLS or automatic RPA/CRM) to save manual overhead
  • Artist Name Matching - match the name of an artist
  • Classifier (Art Type & Location) - build a classifier to identify 'Visual Artist' - using image recognition and title (language) understanding, as well as region for sale (London/UK)
  • Artist Auction Archive - store in a DB of the webpage (evidence) of the sale. Storing HTML or screenshot of page, with time stamp.

The end result

The AI solution developed by Deeper Insights enabled DACS to reduce the time it takes to collect, review and issue invoices for Artists Resale Rights (ARR) royalties by 83%.

DACS is now leveraging on Artificial Intelligence capabilities to improve internal processes for ARR forecasting and increase revenue generation capacity.

"They quickly developed the requisite knowledge about our industry and internal processes."

Head of Data, DACS

Next steps

A variety of technologies and techniques were utilised in the development of this application. To gain a further understanding of the technology and services offered by Deeper Insights, please inquire for more information or visit our services page.

In numbers

Deeper Insights
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