Deeper Insights Enhances Muscular Dystrophy UK's Information Outreach

Project overview

Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK) collaborated with Deeper Insights to overhaul their website using an advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) system. This AI-driven solution automated the categorisation of vast, varied content, enhancing site usability and accessibility. The upgrade enables efficient information retrieval, particularly for research and muscular dystrophy details, thereby aiding MDUK in effectively promoting their mission to support muscular dystrophy research and charity initiatives.

The challenge

Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK), an organisation that supports, researches, and advocates for muscle-wasting conditions, needed to organise a vast and diverse array of website content, including news, blog posts, and forum chats, to communicate their impact and improve operational efficiency. The website's outdated and complex nature made classifying thousands of pages and chat threads a daunting task. The project would have been labour-intensive and time-consuming if done manually, requiring the sorting of content spanning many years.

The solution

Deeper Insights developed a Natural Language Processing (NLP) system to automate the sorting and labelling of MDUK's content. This advanced system was capable of accurately identifying and categorising different types of content and distinguishing between various muscular dystrophy conditions.

The end result

Deeper Insights' work significantly improved how information is organised and found on the MDUK website, enhancing the user experience. Researchers, patients, and the public can now find relevant information more easily, particularly research papers and details about muscular dystrophy conditions. The new system made the site more user-friendly and efficient, aiding Muscular Dystrophy UK in promoting their mission to support muscular dystrophy research and charity efforts.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. The categorisation of the content Deeper Insights built has already helped us to migrate the content to the new website and our AI tool.

Suzannah Brown, Digital Lead, Muscular Dystrophy UK

Next steps

A variety of technologies and techniques were utilised in the development of this application. To gain a further understanding of the technology and services offered by Deeper Insights, please inquire for more information or visit our services page.

In numbers

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